I use a system of rating that is based primarily on completion chances in the RIGHT columns since passing RIGHT is the most important thing a QB must do. The MUST RUN chances are factored in and interceptions subtract from the rating. Since the Short Pass is the most important (you need this to convert 3rd and long), it has the heaviest weight in my rating system.

Tom Brady has the best QB ranking. He is followed closely by Carson Palmer. The biggest difference in the two is Brady has fewer interceptions and Palmer is better Flat. The worst rated starting QB is Nick Foles.

Brady’s card is tied for best in the set at both the Short and Long columns, but is just average Flat

The best Long Passers are Brady, Palmer and Jay Cutler.

The best Short Passers are Brady and Palmer.

The best Flat Passer is Tony Romo, followed closely by Matt Stafford and Kirk Cousins

The most significant Must Runners are Geno Smith and E.J. Manuel.

There are some very nice End Run cards among the quarterbacks this year. Take a look at Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, and Andrew Luck!

For leagues that allow QB’s to run with the same fatigue rules as RB’s, these guys will make it hard for the defense to decide whether to call Run or Pass..

Running Backs

My rating system does not compute exact yardage totals, but is rather based on chances to get 8 or more yards while wrong. A higher weight is given for inside running. Extra credit is also given for RB’s with high number of chances to gain a yard or more in the Linebuck right column (since this helps get first downs in those 3rd and short situations). Also factored in are chances for breakaway runs. A breakaway run is defined as a run of 35 yards or more.

The best ranked RB is Thomas Rawls, followed by Adrian Peterson, Dion Lewis, Todd Gurley, and Tevin Coleman

Rawls is very good in all the running columns. He is the best in the set wrong on a Linebuck, 4th best at End Run among Running Backs and tied for 14th best on Off Tackle. He also has very low fumbles and can catch Flat and Short. He only has just one breakaway run and is limited on carries.

Next best ranking goes to Peterson, but it is due completely to the breakaway runs. He has more breakaway runs by far than any other runner in the set. If you discount breakaway runs, he drops to 69th. That’s not a typo; 69th. This is a real boom or bust card. And calling him right pretty much kills the yardage.

The best Running Backs, if you discount breakaway runs, are Dion Lewis, Rawls, Jamaal Charles, and Tevin Coleman. Of these, the one with most carries is Rawls with 147.

The best breakaway runner is Peterson.

The best RB’s to get a yard called Right on Linebuck is Todd Gurley and DeAngelo Williams.

The RB with the most chances to get 8 yards or more on a Linebuck is Rawls. The best Off Tackle is Charles, Jonathon Stewart, and Spencer Ware. And the best at End Run is Charles.

The team with the worst RB’s is San Diego, who was last by a lot for this dubious honor. Their only RB with more than 100 carries (Melvin Gordon) ranked 107th in the set.

The worst RB with more than 100 carries is the aforementioned Gordon…

And an interesting item.

Gurley running right has the best card as far as not losing yardage of any card Strat has made.


There’s not much variation in chances on receiver cards. The number of chances to catch a pass is standardized. For Flat the possibilities are (Wrong) 32, 30, 26, 25, 22, 21, and 18. For Short Passes they are (Wrong) 30, 26, 22, 18, 16, and 12. For Long Passes, they are (Wrong) 21, 18, 15, 12, 10, 6, and 0.

I have seen some rate the receivers 6 through 0 using the following:

Flat Pass: 6=32, 5=30, 4=26, 3=25, 2=22, 1-21

Short Pass: 6=30, 5=26, 4=22, 3=18, 2=16, 1=12, 0=0

Long Pass: 6=21, 5=18, 4=15, 3=12, 2=10, 1=6, 0=0

The big news this year is that for the first time ever, some receivers have catches in their double-teamed columns. You would guess (and be correct) that the top 5 receivers listed below have this characteristic. But there are 15 other guys who also have it.

There were 5 receivers who received the maximum rating in each pass category. Odell Beckham, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Brandon Marshall, and DeAndre Hopkins.

Following is the totals for each category of receiver:

Flat Short Long
32 – 20 30 – 26 21 – 20
30 – 71 26 – 40 18 – 22

There are 27 TE’s, 18 TE/BB’s 13 HB’s 1 FB,HB and 3 FB’s who have receptions on their Long Pass card. This is important for leagues that use the rule prohibiting throwing to a receiver unless he has a reception on his card in that column. I count Jimmy Graham as TE’s although they can also play SE and FL. I count Lance Dunbar as a HB, even though he also can play FL and SE. Finally I did NOT count Tavon Austin as a HB.

Jimmy Graham, Greg Olsen and Rob Gronkowski have in their Long column better than most wideouts.

Again this year , there are TE’s with a block rating of 0. And Blocking Backs with 0 ratings.

Interesting Items and Gnarly Receiving #’s

Odell Beckham. Has a dangerous card. Lots of big gains (not Long Gains, although he has plenty of those as well). And on numbers toward the middle of the card.

Antonio Brown has lots of 50 yard catches, but only one Long Gain on the card.

Terrence Williams has very nice yardage for a guy without a Long Gain.

Allen Robinson has the best yardage card in the set.

Austin Sefarian-Jenkins has VERY nice card for a TE. And some gnarly yardage in the Flat column

Rob Gronkowski is (IMHO) the best overall receiving card in the set. Has great yards Flat, very good yardage in the Short column and he receives Long passes better than most wideouts. And he is one of the guys with catches on his card double-teamed.

As always I welcome comments. My email address is MertAdkins@lycos.com.