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We can’t improve the game, but we can improve the game playing experience.

Meredith Adkins and Brad Plogsted are two huge Strat-O-Matic Football fans who have come up with better components that make the game easier to play, and thus more fun!

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CincyCon 2017 Strat Football Championship – Team Analysis

In an alternate reality, the Cincinnati Bengals made it to the 2013 AFC Championship game vs the Denver Broncos. The weird thing about this reality is that the 2013 AFC Championship (AKA our CincyCon Strat-O-Matic Football Championship) would be decided in a 3-game series. Both players are in the Strat Football GMVFL (Greater Miami Valley Football League), founded in 1970. Denver was coached by Chuck W., Cincinnati by me, Brad P.

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Ranking the 2015 Season Football Cards

Quarterbacks I use a system of rating that is based primarily on completion chances in the RIGHT columns since passing RIGHT is the most important thing a QB must do. The MUST RUN chances are factored in and interceptions subtract from the rating. Since the Short Pass...

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